Brand Buddies

Aline Bock

Born: 1982 in Gießen, Germany

Homebase: Innsbruck

Disciplines: Snowboard: Slopestyle, Freeride, Halfpipe; [Surfing, Bike+, Outdoor with kids]

Greatest successes: Freeride World Champion (Snowboard)

Bike: CIVETTA FS 6.1

Aline Bock Wald

Warum: The CIVETTA FS 6.1 takes me everywhere with the bike trailer. Without a Malaguti e-bike I was previously quite lost, because around our place of residence just everywhere it’s going uphill and so I have always pulled the twins only in the plain. This became quite monotonous over time. Now I can finally head for a few mountain pastures again without being completely exhausted afterwards. This always gives me a feeling of new freedom.

And without the twins, it’s really fun on the trails directly behind our home for the “after-work round”. Simply a real all-rounder.

Location: Around the mountains of Innsbruck, mountain pastures and trails in the immediate vicinity.

5 words which would describe you best: adventurous, team player, travelling, stubborn and sporty

Malaguti Aline Bock

What we don’t know yet:
I have a problem with batteries! For example, my phone as well as my computer is simply never fully charged and my battery status is almost always below 10%. Important phone calls or online meetings have been abruptly ended several times.

This was already my downfall on one of my trips with the children.

I had once again forgotten to charge the battery of the Malaguti e-bike and so I drove off with the twins unsuspectingly. Patsch is located in the middle of the mountains there are simply no flat cycle paths here.

I arrived home about 30 minutes late and absolutely drenched in sweat. we have this saying in Austria: What you don’t have in your head, you have in your legs! That’s so true!

And 2022? Marriage and family growth! And mountain biking as a form of exercise in the mountains more: “With Malaguti Bicycles, we have expanded our radius to Innsbruck this year and can now take the twins to places in nature that were previously inaccessible.”

We congratulate Aline on her offspring and are proud to have not only a freeride world champion at Malaguti, but also a new mother who will certainly not stop exploring the world.