Brand Buddies

Christian ‚Gigi‘ Rüf

Born: 1981

Homebase: Schwarzach, Austria

Disciplines: Freestyle and Freeride Snowboard

Biggest successes:

2 Platz X Games 2012
2nd Supernatural 2013
1st Ultranatural 2014
Transworld Riders Poll Standout Performance Award 2014
1st Place Snowboarder Top Ten Riders of the Year 2014
3 Platz X Games 2015
3 Freeride Worldtour in Andorra 2018
1 Freeride Worldtour in Fieberbrunn 2018
2 Freeride Worldtour in Fieberbrunn 2020

Bike: The top-equipped Superiore LTD

Why: It is very helpful in letting go of old habits. It floats like the wind and you can feel what surrounds you. I can give daily goals my personally exciting something, but above all arrive balanced.

Location: All Mountain Ready for the direct line to the destination. That I can choose the right bike is perfect.

5 word which describe me best: friendly, casual, helpful, I like to be prepared but adventurous

What you don’t know about me:
I have my childhood sweetheart as a wife and two children. On the one hand, we spend our summer free time in the bike parks and in winter we like snowboarding. As a hobby beekeeper, I always have a fresh glass of honey on our breakfast table.



He has been successful with his own snowboard brand “Slash” since 2012 and is still just as active today as he was more than 20 years ago when he made his film debut in the USA. Gigi has managed to preserve his inner child, has always put fun in the foreground and has lost nothing of creativity to this day.

So that he will always feel at home in the mountains and climb with his Malaguti Superiore just as effortlessly as in winter on the board.