News 12 April 2023

Start of the season: What you should pay attention to

The first warm rays of sunshine not only let nature blossom, but also the heart of every bike enthusiast. You can’t wait to get the bike out of its cave and start into spring with the first tour or trail. For the optimal start, here are some tips for the spring check.


Even if every speck of dust brings back fond memories of the preseason, a clean bike is known to ride better. So remove the battery and display, best grab water and special cleaners and down with it. For fine dirt, a microfiber cloth can be used after exposure time of the cleaner to achieve the optimal result.
If you have stored the bike cleanly, you save a lot of work here.


Absolute must: Check tyre pressure! After a long storage, the tires lose air pressure. This mainly influences the range of the battery because the missing bar must be compensated. On the sidewall, the manufacturer of the tire has usually noted which air pressure is considered ideal. It is recommended to check the tire shell for damage such as cracks or brittle spots.


A lot of dirt always accumulates here. For the coarse dirt, a cloth is recommended, through which you let the chain pass several times or a brush. For finer residues, a chain cleaner is optimal, this also removes any oil residues. A little tip: Correct tensioning of the chain reduces wear. Subsequently, the chain needs oiling again. By the way, you can also check the circuit. If it is maintained regularly, the signs of wear are much lower.


Jeder Hersteller liefert genaue Hinweise zur korrekten Pflege, Wartung und Aufbewahrung seiner Produkte. Schon bei der Einwinterung sollte man den Akku am besten bei Raumtemperatur und trocken lagern. Vor dem erneuten Inbetriebnehmen können der Akku und die Steckerpole vorsichtig gereinigt werden. Gerade bei den Steckerpolen sollte man zu einem weichen und trocknen Tuch greifen. Jeder direkte Kontakt mit Wasser ist zu vermeiden. Die übrigen elektrischen Komponenten brauchen keine Wartung, ein prüfender Blick auf Verkabelung und Steckverbindungen schadet aber nicht.


Keyword screws! All screws must always be tightened according to the specified values.


In addition to the luminaires at the front and rear, the light cable must also be checked for any damage and reflectors for their cleanliness and a firm fit. If a cable is loose, it can be fixed with cable ties. Functioning lighting is a prerequisite for good visibility and proves to be an immense advantage, especially in traffic.


One of the most important points on any e-bike. The correct functioning of the brakes must necessarily be in accordance with the operating instructions (tight fit of all screws, the brake lever and brake disc; Braking force, etc.) or be tested by a specialist workshop.

Regular inspection by specialist workshops

The above tips do not replace consulting the instruction manual and regularly checking the e-bike by a specialist workshop. Most specialty stores offer comprehensive inspection and repair services, some large ones even offer special spring checks. It is recommended to always contact the trained professionals in case of questions or ambiguities, as a poorly maintained bicycle carries high risks. After the bike has been made fit again, nothing stands in the way of a season full of unique moments. We wish you a lot of fun!