News 19 October 2020

The Spirit of Bologna

90 years of Malaguti – a new generation of the traditional Italian brand is born.

The next chapter starts here. But the story of Malaguti, one of the great Italian motorcycle brands, began in 1930s Bologna, home to some of the finest cars and bikes the world has ever seen.

FAhrrad mit Motor vintage

The history of the Malaguti brand began in Bologna of the 30s with a small bicycle store and workshop founded by Antonino Malaguti. Early on, Malaguti recognized the signs of the times, produced its own bicycles and later small motorcycles. After turbulent times, the Austrian KSR Group acquired the brand and breathed new life into Malaguti Bicycles in February 2021. With the latest generation of E-bikes, we carry on Antonino Malaguti’s fearlessness and courage to innovate while heading towards an exciting new future.

With electricity instead of gasoline, but with the same unbroken enthusiasm with which the founder of the traditional brand was at work, we are now conquering the streets. All models have an unmistakable character that unites our vehicles from this entire period.

We call it the Spirit of Bologna.